Male Pattern Baldness Treatment

Male Pattern Baldness Treatment: Block DHT Before It Shrinks Hair Follicles

Male Pattern Hair Loss Treatment
Medical researchers are still trying to identify the cause of male pattern baldness. Most of us know that genes and heredity plays an important role in hair loss. New research has identified the hormone testosterone as a main player in male pattern baldness because a by-product called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) shrinks hair follicles which causes hair loss.

When testosterone is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase, it has a negative impact on hair follicles. Hair follicles shrink and produce weaker and shorter hairs and eventually the hair will stop growing. The follicle is still alive but it goes into a dormant state until some sort of male pattern baldness treatment is initiated.

If the DHT continues to shrink the hair follicles normal hair loss turns into male pattern baldness. Hair in the temple area stops growing and the hair around the crown of the head falls out as well. If the amount of DHT continues to build the follicles on the top of the head go into the dormant state and the only active follicles are on the sides and back of the head. An over the counter male pattern baldness treatment might help restore some hair growth, but in cases where hair loss has gotten out of control a medical procedure may be the only solution.

Hair Loss Follows a Typical Sequence so a Male Pattern Baldness Treatment Should Begin Sooner than Later

Most men lose an average of 100 hairs a day during the normal hair growth process. Losing hair is natural, but when DHT production begins to shrink hair follicles and force them into the dormant state before they are ready male pattern baldness begins to manifest. In order to stop hair follicle shrinking the follicle must be stimulated and the amount of testosterone that becomes DHT must be reduced.

The best male pattern baldness treatment is an internal as well as external process that helps clean the follicles on the surface and blocks internal DHT production. Procerin uses a proprietary blend of natural minerals, vitamins, and herbs to block DHT production. The two step Procerin approach helps stop the androgenetic alopecia process which affects a large number of hair follicles. The ingredients in Procerin control future hair loss and they stimulate new hair growth.

Most researchers say that the ingredients in Procerin are the best male pattern baldness treatment since they stop DHT from attaching itself to hair follicles. A daily dose of Procerin helps hair follicles continue through the normal phases of hair growth. For more information about male pattern baldness treatment and the effects of DHT on hair follicles visit: